What is the most common problem encountered in the senior years??

Since you are here, you know already!!!

Alright, let’s get to a good solution!

  • One that won’t leak!
  • Economically priced
  • Easy to obtain

(Sounds like a dream come true?)  As I type this, I feel like a TV marketer for a product 🙂  Dear, me!  Sorry – I have just recommended this so many times and had families love it so much, that I feel so enthusiastic regarding sharing it.

You ready? . . .

                                                            image from www.tena.us

This has worked well for those who “leak,” even for the duration of a whole night.  I would also expect it to work well for someone in a similar situation during the day.

In case your needs are greater, the following are additional products that seem to contain vast amounts of liquid.  I personally do not have experience with these, but they are on my list to purchase in the future if needed for “elephant-flow” containment.

Where to find:

I usually purchase through Amazon.  They have the best prices that I have found for this product.

Size L

Size XL

Stay tuned for additional posts concerning incontinence products!

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase a product following clicking on an affiliate link, I may receive a small compensation for the referral.

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