Does your loved one frequently end up wearing portions of their meal on their clothing?  Have you ever had to throw away a shirt due to spills?  Wishing to skip pre-treating every load of wash due to food stains?

Here is a wonderful solution!


This product is amazing and is a wonderful stress reliever.  If your loved one frequently wears their meal, BUY these.  It is one of the best products for caregiving.  These have been used daily for many months and still look amazing.  I love the patterns (and so does the whole family).  It is actually a treat to put something so pretty on.

It is waterproof.  Yes!!  It has a crumb catcher at the bottom which is wonderful.  It goes right into the washer and comes out beautiful.  Ohhh, yes!!!!

Where to buy:

To make it doubly easier to get on and off (instead of using the snaps), we sewed a small strip of elastic at the snap closure area.  This makes it easy to just slide off and on.

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