I love it!!!  I completely love it!

(along with everyone else who encounters me/it!)


Ooooh!  A “best gift” idea coming your way –

Someone for Christmas a few years back gave me a set of Le Bella(TM) Provincia Body Wash and Hand Lotion.  Oh, dear!  I have fallen head-over-heals over the scent: French Lavender.  Additionally, anyone who has sniffed my hands (they just can’t resist it!) has absolutely adored the scent likewise.  I know this one is a keeper!

Since I received it as a gift, I do not know the original source; however, I saw it listed here.


best scent bodywash best hand lotion scent best gift for mom


Speaking of scents – here is a soap of which I absolutely adore the scent!

I typically purchase mine at the local drugstore.  Wait until a sale and combo it with a coupon – either online or in the paper.  This is one I use otherwise prior to receiving the one mentioned above.

(image from Softsoap.com)

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